Coffee scented candles

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Coffee Scented Candles

Experience the rich aroma of your favorite coffee right in your own home with this coffee-scented candle! Combining robust coffee beans with subtle notes of sugar and cream for an inviting cafe-like ambience.

Our coffee-scented candles are lovingly hand-poured into 8 oz glass jars using wood wicks, and packaged beautifully in either a gold glam tin or elegant natural wood box for presentation.


If you need an afternoon pick-me-up or are seeking to increase mental clarity, coffee scented candles may provide just what you need. Studies have revealed the aroma of coffee can reduce stress, ease anxiety and increase feelings of calmness while masking unpleasant odors such as cooking or pet related smells.

Country’s Coffee Shop candles capture all of the tempting aromas found in an inviting cafe. Wafts of freshly-roasted coffee beans combined with vanilla and baked goods create an inviting, cozy ambience complemented by base notes of musk and wood for an appealing, sensual aroma perfect for any space in your home.

Another 96NORTH option to start your day right is New Day, an invigorating combination of coffee, vanilla and whiskey that’s sure to remind you of a relaxing cup of joe in the morning. A perfect way to kickstart your day!

Coffee-scented candles can add the perfect ambience to any event or gathering, whether that means entertaining friends or planning an intimate celebration. Display them as decorations around your home as an added welcoming element – mason jars and vintage tins make great choices – they come from Artius Man’s facility and feature high quality soy blend candles hand crafted to last all night long while being free of harmful chemicals!


Coffee candles create an environment of calm and serenity with their comforting fragrance, recalling memories of cozy cafes and relaxing afternoons – perfect for unwinding after a long day or use during bubble bath time! Additionally, their flickering flame helps reduce anxiety levels to promote relaxation.

Make your own coffee-scented candles using candle wax, wicks, a container suitable for candle making and either coffee grounds or fragrance oil – which you can find both online and at craft or candle-making stores. Choose between soy wax or beeswax; both offer distinct advantages while being natural and eco-friendly!

To maximize the life of coffee-scented candles, it’s essential that they adhere to safe burning practices and storage guidelines. Drafts, vents and other flammable items should all be avoided to minimize fire risks. In addition to being an elegant home accent, coffee-scented candles also make great gifts that any coffee enthusiast will adore; pair one with an attractive mug as an original present that keeps on giving. These candles can even add an authentic flair at themed events and parties! For best results use only high quality fresh-roasted coffee when creating these candles so the full aroma remains when lit!

Relieves Headaches

As an effective way of rejuvenating during your day, lighting a coffee-scented candle is an excellent way to stimulate the limbic system and release hormones that lower stress and help relax you – helping you focus more easily and concentrate.

Aromatherapy can also be an effective solution to alleviating headaches and migraines. Essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, and chamomile incorporated into candles may be able to ease these ailments by targeting various factors contributing to them – for instance eucalyptus is known as an excellent pain reliever while chamomile offers anti-inflammatory benefits that relieve tension.

However, if you suffer from headaches and migraines, unscented natural candles are best to avoid potential triggers that could worsen symptoms. This is particularly relevant with paraffin and petroleum wax candles which contain chemicals which could potentially irritate respiratory tract and skin irritations.

Make an investment in a high-quality scented candle made of safe and clean-burning wax such as beeswax or coconut wax to provide long-burning times and reduced harmful fumes than traditional paraffin candles. Unfortunately, however, these types of candles often sweat more, so be prepared for additional dabbing time until all moisture dries off before lighting it again.


Coffee’s soothing fragrance can bring peace and serenity into any home, providing a peaceful retreat after an exhausting day or during a relaxing bath session. Use coffee-scented candles as centerpieces in dining or living areas for maximum effect.

Create homemade coffee-scented candles easily at home using this straightforward recipe. First, prepare the wax and choose an aromatic coffee fragrance oil of premium quality. Once the wax has melted, pour in the fragrance oil and mix well until evenly distributed throughout the candle. Next, transfer to your chosen container (mason jars, teacups or vintage tins are popular choices), following burning instructions and trimming wicks regularly for optimal burn.

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that can significantly benefit health and well-being by creating an atmosphere of tranquility and relieving stress. Coffee’s warm and welcoming fragrance can also help soothe nerves and decrease fatigue; for maximum effectiveness pair a coffee-scented candle with sensory elements such as relaxing music.

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